you don't know what age dissociation is?
let's help you out!

Age Dissociation Disorder/Age Dissociation (usually shortened as ad) is almost like age regression except its when you have difficulty remembering your age. such as remembering how old you are, your birthday (month, day, year, or all), labeling yourself with different ages or using a fake age if you think thats your own.
in other words, you revert to an age older or younger than you actually are and go by that age whilst not remembering or knowing your real one.

this can be self diagnosed!! and its usually a result of C-PTSD or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and other varients of it (OSDD-1, etc)

this is a real disorder. its not common to have it alone, but its extremely common to have with OSDD, DID, C-PTSD etc

Frequently Asked Questions

simple answer,
alters have different ages most of the time
sometimes, the host of a DID system or osdd system would forget their age due to their alters.
therefore, this is where age Dissociation pops in

its very similar to age regression!!
lets look at the definition of age regression for a second;

Age regression occurs when someone reverts to a younger state of mind. This retreat may be only a few years younger than the person's physical age.

age Dissociation is similar. its when someone reverts into a age different then their current one, this can be younger or older, and it can change. it happens when the current person forgets their actual age.

in some way, yes
there have been more people (including the person who made this carrd) still not knowing or remembering their age. therefore this is there for them so they can have something to identify with.

"i still dont understand"
and thats okay!! i do hope though this carrd slightly informed you on what age dissociated indiviuals are and why you should respect them.
i hope this educated you in some way :)

this carrd was created by a age dissociated indiviual. who goes by they / them.

• examples of age dissociation •

'i may have age dissociation, i think im 15, but everyone says i'm not?'

'i don't remember my birthday at all..does anyone know what my birthday is?'

'how old am i? i cant seem to remember. i feel as if i am 19.'

• never say these things to those who have age dissociation. (TW AD HATE/ABLEISM)

'you have memory loss'

'youre a psychopath'

'you just have amnesia'

'youre faking it'

'you lie about your age'